Las estaciones Adcon son equipos completamente personalizables, es decir usted agrega el tipo y la cantidad de sensores que requiera.


What is it and what does it generate?

It is an analysis of the spots produced by the deposition of aerial or terrestrial irrigation substances. The drops found in the cards that work as evidence are transformed into percentage data of the covered area, estimate volume, reason of deposition, and size of the drop, among others.

The information collected with the drops represents the information referring to the drop on the instant of impact. This provides information related to the efficiency of the irrigation, and the environmental conditions given in a specific time interval, this efficiency results in the decrease of irrigation expense and a better use of the products applied.

The collected information generates data like:

Size and quantity of drops
Data of coverage percentage and deposition
Representation of applied volume
Reason of deposition (L/ha)
VMD, VMD(0.1), VMD(0.9)
Variation coefficients
Drop classification according to size


Potential use

Obtain an irrigation pattern (swath, horizontal and vertical drift, variation coefficient, others).
Picking nozzles and equipment for optimal application
Determining differences between established parameter values as a base and operation
Determine the effect of additives on the size of the drops
Obtaining the size of the drops
Drift analysis
Cost estimate
Comparative tests between products
Evaluation of the operating conditions
Application decisions


Drift analysis

Under the same analysis principle of the drop specter, it is possible to perform drift evaluations. One of the ways to perform the analysis is through the use of a drift tower.

Reasons to increase interest in sprinklers and drift:

Effective pest and disease control
Avoid loss or incorrect application of products
Avoid damage outside application areas
Environmental impact
Efficient and effective applications $$$
Weather and microweather interpretation that influences sprinkling.