Las estaciones Adcon son equipos completamente personalizables, es decir usted agrega el tipo y la cantidad de sensores que requiera.

We Offer

In our array of products there are general measuring equipments:

PH meters (liquids and soils), conductivity, total dissolved solids, water, soil and air quality, water level, flow, volume and current, digital and infrared digital thermometers, sediment sampling, bottom and immersion networks.
Laboratory equipment (thermometers, beakers, etc.)
Measuring instruments for the industry
Measuring instruments for the field work
Sampling equipments (water, soil, air, vapor
Protection equipment and industrial and field security
Spill recollection equipment
Biodegradable materials and products (tapes, plastics, cleaning products and maintenance)
Electric generation plants
Tools to manipulate fauna
GPS, binoculars, sights, and night vision devices