DAVIS stations have a basic system that includes temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, and precipitation sensors. With basic UHF transmissions of 300 to 3,000 meters, using repeaters.



Types of sensors available: temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed, solar radiation, UV radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture, precipitation, leaf wetness.

Sensor Brands available: this type of station uses just one type of sensor for each of the variables, with the exception of the wind speed sensor which can be substituted by a universal interface using a R.M. Young or a NRG anemometer.

Communication: IP storage system that allows you to download data with a LAN system or internet. It is possible to access them from any part of the world, or just use the USB storage for a direct connection to one computer.

Types of applications


Agriculture Management

Precision agriculture
Decision support
Degree days
Crop management


Irrigation Control

Soil moisture


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental variables

Reception systems

VP2 stations and specific stations (soil, leaf, temperature, and humidity stations, anemometer, etc.) can transmit to one console (with an LCD screen that displays real life conditions), to an Envoy (the same as a console but with no screen), or an 8X Envoy (receptor with no LCD screen, but can receive up to eight stations of the same type). The differences between both types of receptors are:

Características Consola y envoy regulares Envoy 8x
Manejo de hasta 8 estaciones Sí, de diferente tipo Sí, de diferente tipo o de un mismo tipo
Máximo número de estaciones vp2 1 8
Máximo número de anemómetros 1 8
Máximo número de estaciones de suelo y hoja 1 8
Máximo número de estaciones de temperatura 3 8
Máximo número de estaciones de temperatura y humedad 2 8
Capacidad de memoria: 1 estación a 30 minutos de archivo 45 días 5 años
Visualización de información En pc usando weatherlink En pc utilizando weatherlink y software 8x
Menor opción de intervalo de archivo 1 minuto 10 segundos
Trabaja con weatherlink ip No
Base de datos externas que soporta Ninguna Access, mysql, ms sql server
Exporta datos a excel
Exporta datos directamente a excel No, lo hace indirectamente
Retransmite a otro receptor No
Trabaja con sensores de otras marcas No
Compatible con repetidoras