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System characteristics

System characteristics: NATURAL MICROFILTRATION system for the treatment of residual water, green technology, clean, ecologic, environment friendly, sustainable and renewable, with high removable effectiveness, nitrate reduction (unavoidable consequence of processes generated by septic tanks), with low operation and maintenance costs.

Applications: ordinary waters (gray and black waters) and special waters (industrial process water, chemicals, etc.).

Just positive…

Natural System that uses the same decontamination power of Nature
The process does not generate bad odors or biologic mud excess
It does not use chemicals of flocculants
It treats organic and inorganic matter the same way
Primary mud is treated in the same system, something that makes it stand out from traditional residual water treatment systems
It does not need additional energy of any kind to perform its processes of decontamination, since the energy is taken from solar radiation, air, and contaminants associated with residual waters
It does not require addition of any type of chemical, and the effluent is of excellent quality
Effectiveness usually over 97% in most of the variables normally controlled in residual water, and it has an enviable pathogen control
It has the same life cycle as any ecosystem, so it has no limit of useful life.



First stage:

Physical separation of sediments and floaters of the liquid phase.

Second stage:

The contaminants and other nutrients are used as plant food. The plants work as the mechanical aerators.

AEROBIC BACTERIAL ACTION CLOSE TO THE ROOTS. Organic degradation (biochemical oxidation).Filtering, adsorption, vegetable assimilation of solids. Includes heavy metals.

ANOXIC BACTERIAL ACTION IN INTERMEDIATE ZONES. Facultative biochemical degradation.

ANAEROBIC BACTERIAL ACTION AWAY FROM THE ROOTS. Persistent organic matter degradation.